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Tackling Tech Limits
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Playing in real stadiums, with real footballs, against real goalies. All via one mobile app.

Live Penalty is a multiplayer game that allows thousands of players to shoot real penalties by controlling a customized ball launcher using their mobile devices. From the getgo, the mission included delving into uncharted territory. A fearless tech partner was a must.

The Need

Armed with a prototype, Live Penalty needed to lock in a reliable partner that could take on the newest technology and think outside the box. The task was to get the project off the ground and running, which meant building scalable mobile apps that could work for multiple sports and markets in the future. But that was just the start. Live Penalty also needed cloud infrastructure, backend services, the entire software ecosystem, and to hit every single ambitious goal—from getting the live stream latency almost impossibly low to handling tens of thousands of users worldwide playing simultaneously.

The Challenge

The product manager, designer, engineers and QA tester assigned to the task would have to navigate many unknowns. At Live Penalty’s core are a customized football launcher and a highly automated stage. Getting them right was step one. Perfecting every pixel of the LED panel behind the goal was equally crucial—the panel displays dynamic game animations and information, which tie the atmosphere together.

In terms of the iOS and Android apps, preparing product specifications included figuring out the database structure and how the game could be stored within. Our teams took time to examine all aspects that needed to be handled with great care—like the database that pushes data from server to client with practically no delay; handling the administration part of the app (which differs for moderators and referees); email validation to keep the chat secure; and ensuring seamless communication between countless online devices in real time.

The STRV Solution

On average, STRV onboarded one engineer every two weeks to keep all transitions smooth, ultimately bringing in a total of 11 engineers. Starting with the ball launcher, we implemented a chain of improvements that gave players the ability to influence the launcher with a combination of accuracy and speed, getting the game as close to the real thing as possible. An especially notable victory came with tackling the latency. Our team managed to translate a player’s mobile command into real-life action under a revolutionary 0.5 seconds by combining the right third-party services with our custom solution. The result is blazingly fast and able to help us scale the solution to millions of users.

With the game on track, Live Penalty was chosen for the leAD 2019 accelerator (supported by Adidas), which resulted in many connections within the sports industry. Following the successful, timely release of both apps and regular live events that attract thousands of users, Live Penalty as a partner is now being considered by a number of big brands. We’re thrilled to see what’s next.

“We were looking for the best partner for our project, and we knew that STRV is extremely qualified. They’ve always kept the highest possible level of professionalism.”

Pavel Kacerle,
Founder and CEO, Live Penalty
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