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Market Overview

Sport not only contributes to the health of people but also has a profound economic impact through sports tourism, broadcasting and media rights, sports betting and other channels. Sports-related apps have become an integral part of our lives.

Elevating The Game

Remote experiences
Virtual & mixed reality
In-stadium experience

Interactive & Live

The growing influence of OTT
Live game engagement
Highly personalized content


Smart devices in sports
Performance analytics
Live data for fans and coaches

Bright Future
of Esports

Leveraging big data
Interactive fan platforms

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What We Do

We don’t just do the necessary. After defining every detail of your goal, our team gets you there – and beyond. We then remain on the sidelines indefinitely, ready to assist with anything you may need.

  • Sports App

    Used as an interactive fan platform, mobile apps elevate the audience’s engagement. Thanks to enhanced involvement and customized coverage, there are limitless ways to both activate in-stadium fans, and to ease the heartbreak of those who couldn’t make it to the game.
  • Smart TV App

    Thrill of the game, comfort of the couch. Smart TV apps allow fans to receive notifications about their favorite teams, track live data, and replay history in the making from various angles. With exclusive content and a tailor-made viewing experience, it’s almost better than being at the real thing.
  • Solutions
    For Esports Team

    Competitive gaming is filling arenas. Esports are nearing the level of traditional sports leagues. Worldwide support and avid players have increased demand for greater connectivity and organization of upcoming matches, statistics, ecommerce and more. It’s a whole new market, and it’s taking over.
  • Wearable

    Detailed performance analytics from the players directly to their fans. By outfitting entire teams with wearable devices, audiences have access to live data and statistics, putting them at the center of the action. Instant, ultimate connectivity at its best.

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