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A product of Barnes & Noble Education, Bartleby is a subscription service that offers textbook solutions and experts ready to help with any questions. A move from web-only to mobile was a must.

The Need

To meet the needs of today’s students, campus bookstores no longer suffice. With Barnes & Noble Education’s most dominant market being colleges, Bartleby is an answer to the target audience’s demand. The service covers 30+ subjects and offers students expert help with homework, the option of submitting questions and getting instant answers, plus a database of thousands of solutions.

Coming to STRV with solid footing thanks to its strong presence on the web, Bartleby required both iOS and Android apps. The team expected beautifully designed results that would be accessible for all possible users.

The Challenge

One of Bartleby’s initial challenges was finding a partner who would choose wisely: Native or React Native? While the solutions were to be primarily form-based with minimal interaction, our team also pulled from past experiences — considering all possible future scaling before confidently settling on React Native. Additionally, Bartleby had its own team (product manager, engineers, subcontractors, etc.) with whom STRV had to actively collaborate. But, seeing as this is quite usual for us, we swiftly set up a communication structure that eliminated any mishaps or delays.

Accessibility was a huge focus throughout design and onwards. The Bartleby team was dedicated to keeping every disability and external limitation in mind, an approach that is close to STRV’s own. In fact, we were able to significantly advise on the topic, as we have several internal initiatives regarding accessibility that keep our team up-to-date on all standards and best practices.

The STRV Solution

Following the successful launch of the MVP, our team took care of the traditional post-launch maintenance. During this time, our suggestions regarding user engagement played a crucial role in getting the App Store rating to 4.6, with hundreds of reviews and tens of thousands of users worldwide.

When Bartleby decided on adding a new feature connected to solving math problems via photo submissions, STRV was able to quickly upscale the team and get to work, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ML (Machine Learning) and reliable API to deliver exemplary results. We can confidently say that our partnership has been one of mutual respect and pleasant, receptive communication. Whatever needs Bartleby may have in the future, we’ll always be proud to help.

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