Barry’s X

Barry’s Workout Goes Digital

The best community-driven workout in the world, now in one Barry’s X app

Hundreds of on-demand and LIVE virtual classes that perfectly capture the Barry’s vibe, red room and all. Dreamed up by Barry’s in collab with STRV, proudly designed and built by us.

The Need

If you haven’t heard of Barry’s Bootcamp, here’s the deal: Around since ‘98, Barry’s high-intensity interval training is renowned for its unparalleled energy. By combining its signature “red room,” carefully curated playlists and top instructors, it has built a following huge enough to fill 80+ Barry’s locations worldwide.

Working with the fitness brand was a passion project in every sense; two of STRV’s co-founders even visited all Barry’s studios back in 2018 (check out the story), and the mindset of “Hustle and heart set us apart” is close to our own. So when Barry’s began searching for a tech partner in early 2020, we were thrilled to get the job.

Then, the pandemic hit. Everything changed. All planned projects fell by the wayside as it became clear that a digital fitness streaming product was going to be the most important thing for Barry’s future.

The Challenge

Joining the sole tech-oriented person on Barry’s team (shoutout to Jenna!), our team got to brainstorming. What would it take to build the next generation of Barry’s digital product? How could we bring the brand’s HIIT workouts online? The answer: Barry’s X.

We needed Barry’s Fit Fam to feel connected with their favorite instructors and other participants during live classes. We wanted them to get a legendary workout anywhere, anytime. And we set out to replicate the power of Barry’s in-person experience — when the red lights hit, the beat drops, the instructors push and you lose yourself in the energy.

The STRV Solution

Starting with an extensive Discovery Phase, STRV designed and built the entire Barry's X platform from the ground up — a process that included integrating Barry's existing reservation system and migrating the entire user base to the new platform. We delivered iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Apple Watch, Android phone, Tablet, Web, Web Admin and a Web Membership app to assist the in-app experience.

The final product comes with a social networking feature that connects members of the global Barry’s community, fully customizable privacy settings, exclusive membership opportunities, hundreds of on-demand workouts and 150+ weekly live stream classes — where the instructors see and push you to keep going, and you are able to see and push everyone else in the class, too. Just like the real thing.

Walking into a Barry’s studio feels like joining your best friends for a party, something seemingly impossible to translate to online. But hearing the overwhelmingly positive response following the app’s release, we’re proud to say that we’ve done it, ‘Red Room Filter’ and all. This project’s been an incredible journey, and we’ve only just gotten started.

“The feedback from clients has been: ‘This is like nothing else out there.’ I can’t say enough about the work the team has done to bring something to market that is so innovative and so top-notch. The quality, attention to detail, design — it all looks so great.”

Jenna Hauca,
VP at Barry’s & Head of Barry’s X

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