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Meets React Native

The world’s largest crypto IRA platform goes mobile

Bitcoin IRA enables its 100,000+ users to self-trade crypto 24/7. To take the service even further, iOS and Android apps were a must. So was efficient delivery, simplified design and thinking ahead.

The Need

After first linking up in 2018, Bitcoin IRA and our team once again joined forces in 2020 for product delivery. We were tasked with designing and building an app experience as highly rated as the client’s web platform — while simplifying the drawn-out flow of certain features via a design refresh. These updates would cater to the needs of Bitcoin IRA’s loyal userbase while making the service easier to navigate for new customers.

Budget-conscious development was equally important, as was the speedy, flexible implementation of new features down the line. In other words, the question was: Native or React Native?

The Challenge

Bitcoin IRA had its own backend team on the project, with future plans to have a full in-house team maintaining the apps and actively implementing features based on user and market demand. For us, this meant two things.

First, our team would have to be perfectly synced with the client’s backend throughout the project. And second, when considering both present and future needs, it would be much more effective to go the React Native route; Bitcoin IRA could maintain both iOS & Android apps with one team instead of requiring two teams to handle both platforms.

The STRV Solution

Our key design achievements included going through several iterations of the app user flows to make the whole mobile experience faster and simpler than its web counterpart, and simplifying the trading feature so much so that it came down to just a couple of clicks.

Our two React Native engineers sped through two-week sprints while working with Bitcoin IRA’s backend. As the product took shape, our communication with the client grew more frequent as they approached us with more and more ideas. Our team went above and beyond to implement them on the go, one of our frontend engineers even taking the initiative and regularly joining Bitcoin IRA’s internal daily stand-ups, as well as stepping in and filling some gaps for the client’s backend.

Today, we’re proud to see both apps boasting a 5-star rating based on enthusiastic user feedback that mirrors the 2,500+ reviews of Bitcoin IRA’s web app.

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