A $100 Million

Caviar is the easiest way for consumers and businesses to order food from their favorite local eateries with live GPS tracking.

Aquired by Square


Caviar was looking how to better manage their drivers and logistics. Cars needed to be tracked and able to communicate quickly with Caviar dispatchers. Since we were working on our own similar food delivery startup, Ordr, we were able to seamlessly help Caviar scale up their business efforts.


STRV developed an iOS app for Caviar drivers, allowing them to see the list of orders, get directions and notifications about last-minute changes. Functionality like signing up for shifts and setting availability were also included. All this effort resulted in Caviar being acquired by Square, Inc. for $100m.

"STRV has been a tremendous help in expediting certain development efforts. What would have taken us 6 months only took them 1.5 months."

Jason Wang,
Co-Founder & CEO, Caviar
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