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for CTC

Utilizing the potential of intuitive design and development. Anytime, anywhere.

Always looking to challenge digital boundaries, CTC merges technological consulting and expertise with outsourced services to cultivate futuristic ideas—their own, and their clients’.

The Need

Armed with a focus on advanced tech solutions and innovative UX/UI, CTC needed a partner ready to provide immediate know-how as soon as a breakthrough idea came into play. No time needed for training. Just top experts who think ahead, stick to deadlines and get the job done.

The Challenge

STRV’s first experience with CTC proved that our team is eager and able to guarantee results within a fixed timeline, and more joint endeavors followed. On one project, CTC took the rather non-traditional route of bringing our designers, developers and QA team on while the core technology of the project—the device itself—was still in its early testing stages. We refined product specifications by considering possible user needs, and we analyzed the product and were able to anticipate which technologies the device may eventually employ.

“If I’m a customer who is looking for great UX and UI, and would like to incorporate the newest technology with it - I need STRV to work with me.”

Hisatomo Tanaka,
Director of Sales & Solutions Engineering, CTC

The STRV Solution

Due to the nature of CTC’s services, greenlighting most projects means numerous stakeholders must first be impressed. Our team has repeatedly proven to be reliable by producing stunning UX/UI designs that are quickly approved and open the doors to development.

Because CTC thinks big, the company’s projects require scalable code that is able to handle exponential growth in the future, and that allows for the use of this technology in other projects. On one project that called for a few expert assumptions as to future needs, our team needed to base decisions on years of experience and active, open communication with CTC. It worked, and we were able to successfully adapt the newest SDK and start building a strong yet malleable iOS app. With our relentless dedication to ensuring that all STRV code and designs remain perfectly suited to support whatever form all products’ future iterations take, we see no end to our successful long-term partnership with CTC.

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