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Private transfers between cities with local drivers and optional sightseeing en route

Daytrip is a platform that connects travelers with local drivers who transport them from one city to another, door-to-door or with stops along on the way. Becoming a top-rated web service in no time, Daytrip’s global expansion required a mobile app that would mirror the premium quality of the service while remaining easy-to-use.

The Need

No car, no problem. All the perks of private transportation come together with Daytrip, and the service immediately appealed to travelers seeking superior convenience. Expansion to other markets was imminent, so it quickly became clear that an app experience was the next step. The question was, how to make it not just a reflection of the web offer, but better?

STRV’s design concept convinced them that we understood their goals, and we’d get it done. We were called to build somewhat of an extended avenue via a premium-quality mobile app that would accentuate the best of Daytrip. But that wouldn’t suffice. Our team was also asked to conceptualize additional details—features that would simplify the app experience for the current userbase and entice new users by showcasing what was already a proven, phenomenal product.

The Challenge

Entering the Discovery Phase proved seamless because we’d already covered all bases with our design concept. To go even further, our product manager and designer first put Daytrip’s current process under a microscope. We examined which features from the website would need to be incorporated into the app, what could be done more efficiently and where the app could upsell additional services to provide maximum comfort. But we didn’t stop there.

STRV interviewed Daytrip’s Customer Service Manager to pinpoint common client complaints, where users tend to get stuck and what sort of improvements they ask for. We spoke to the Head of Sales to fully grasp not only what was being offered, but how they sell it. We then asked to see web and customer data, statistics and trends, analyzing all insight that was at Daytrip’s disposal in order for us to understand the users’ behavior. Together, our teams compiled a playground of information to work with, and these learnings were reflected in the final product.

The STRV Solution

Taking a systematic approach, we divided possible improvements into several categories. The first included ideas from Daytrip’s team. This was a priority, but our teams still agreed that we’d take all ideas as suggestions until we saw data that backed everything up. The second was information from the actual customers, gathered via Daytrip’s customer service agents. The third was the data itself. We compared what we’d learned from human sources with analytics like the web’s bounce and drop-off rates, which helped us prioritize and determine validity. Finally, we also took a close look at Daytrip’s competitors, and in the few instances when we lacked a definitive answer, we utilized user testing. This meticulous package of insight allowed us to confidently craft our next steps.

Once the full design was finalized, we were able to beat the timeline by ten days and end up under budget. On top of that, our designer also delivered the dark mode of the UI as a bonus, as well as ideas for the post-MVP evolution. Daytrip was thrilled with the result, and STRV was officially tasked with the engineering aspect of the project.

As Daytrip’s engineering team was busy revamping their web’s backend, our engineers had to join forces with them to ensure both solutions would work together flawlessly. Thanks to our experience and a collective sense of teamwork from both sides, this was managed with ease. We’re proud to say that our cooperation with Daytrip has been exceptional, and we have no doubt there are great things ahead.

“I think it’s best if you decide to get the whole package, from the Discovery phase to Design and Engineering, because then you can be sure that the full product will work as expected.”

Tomas Turek,
Founder and CEO, Daytrip
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