Guiding The First
Steps of heybaby

The dating app for people who want or have kids

With a fun and detailed onboarding experience, heybaby helps build family-oriented connections. But to breathe life into the “serious” dating game, a strategic team needed to lay the app’s foundation and establish where it would fit in amongst the competition.

The Need

For those searching for the real deal, heybaby is the place to look. The app was built on bringing together good people ready for the family life, creating matches that go far beyond liking a photo. That was the founders’ high-level vision. What heybaby needed from a strong partner was to actually define the focus points of the app, and to give direction to a brave idea. From there, the team would have to tackle the product management, design and development of the entire product.

The Challenge

Kids aren’t normally a topic of conversation on the first date. The question heybaby posed in the pre-development stage was: How can this subject matter be normalized by a dating app? And how can a dating app revolve around such a meaningful topic without taking itself too seriously? STRV’s Discovery Phase was crucial in defining the problem and building a roadmap to the best possible solution.

“We were looking for a company that has made beautiful dating apps in the past and could bring unlimited expertise to the project. Someone with a proven process for bringing an idea to life from scratch. STRV was the clear choice.”

Emmannuel Saccoccini,
Product Development Lead, heybaby

The STRV Solution

Our product manager and designer worked with the heybaby team throughout the Discovery Phase to analyze how users will experience the app, which features resonate with the target audience and how the app can best differentiate itself from its competitors. In this way, we were able to transform a great idea into a fully viable product. The process also ensured a seamless transition to design and development; thanks to having our priorities set in stone early on, our engineers knew to focus on security and quickly began implementing the data analysis tools needed to eliminate scammers during the verification process.

Following heybaby’s initial limited release, the response has included being featured on Mashable, and we’re confident that the upcoming full release will resonate with the thousands of people looking to find the right partner in a safe, welcoming community.

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