Flying should be part of your journey — not just a necessity. With the help of our designers and engineers, Lufthansa made air travel smoother.


The client told us that checking boxes with flight criteria and scrolling through results isn't what people actually find ideal. So – we were challenged with redefining how people search for flight tickets.

Only three months into the project, the Lufthansa Innovation Hub received our answer. We designed, illustrated and developed an iOS app that elevated mobile booking to a smooth and effortless experience.


Instead of creating yet another app where you check boxes like Direct flights only or On-board entertainment, we allowed people to make their choice more intuitively – through swiping.

With two options to choose from, passengers simply swipe the one they prefer. Require in-flight entertainment? Swipe. Need extra space on board? Swipe again! The app guides passengers step by step towards flights that fit their wants and needs.

Swiping was also used in other parts and features of the app. When, for example, browsing search results, people can swipe right to save a flight and compare it directly with other route options..

To make things even more intuitive, we created dozens of illustrations for all scenarios that were featured in the app. Last but not least, our illustrators went the extra mile and came up with unique illustrations for the 20 most visited cities in the world.


We pride ourselves on smooth execution. Since our first contact with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, it took our team only three months to deliver the final version of the app.

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