Microsoft Turns to STRV
for Rapid Prototyping

Polished Design and Skilled Plug-In Teams Help Save the Day

Even giants can use a helping hand. Microsoft’s Developer Tools Division was looking for a partner capable of quickly providing the highest quality support in designing and developing its native development tools, including the Azure solutions. Enter STRV.

The Need

Microsoft’s Developer Tools Division is responsible for developer-focused products, including Azure, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and App Center. These cloud-based services enable organizations to build, manage and deploy first-rate software for their customers on a massive global network. Microsoft needed help with rapid prototyping of possible new products and designing radical improvements to existing ones.

The Challenge

Microsoft was looking to tap into the design and engineering talents of a nimble, quick and dependable partner before it deployed in-house teams on a number of initiatives. STRV, with its passion for user experience and deep expertise in software design and development, quickly emerged as the top choice for the Microsoft projects.

The biggest set of tasks presented to us involved improving the user experience for Azure’s cloud services, as well as designing new interfaces to integrate with Microsoft’s DevOps services.

The STRV Solution

We lost no time in providing Microsoft with qualified teams of experts to ramp up the division’s rapid prototyping process. For one project, we paired a designer and engineer and sent them to Microsoft’s offices to determine whether to invest resources and build a permanent team for a particular initiative. In other projects, we added frontend engineers, enabling the teams to prototype and then quickly test the newly created designs.

With STRV able to jump in with virtually no lead time, Microsoft could move faster and with far greater clarity on possible products, with no increase in its overhead. Our support teams could be hand-selected to create the best design and engineering partner for each initiative, while working on-site at Microsoft’s offices ensured optimal collaboration between the in-house and STRV teams.

“The value STRV has brought was having high-quality talent on tap that we can bring in as needed to augment our existing in-house teams.”

John Lea, Design Director,
Dev Services Division, Microsoft
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