Taping The Commercial Loan
Data Well with Monetics

An all-in-one debt and risk management platform

Monetics handles massive amounts of data with a sense of ease, and the platform is almost unbelievably intuitive for all users. But transforming how commercial debt borrowers, lenders and servicers manage their loans was no small feat—especially with just a few months to do it.

The Need

Looking to drive collective intelligence in the commercial lending ecosystem, a number of seasoned PropTech and real estate professionals collaborated to solve the many frustrations they’d faced in their field. With that came the idea of Monetics, an enterprise SaaS platform designed to disrupt an archaic $46 trillion industry that is still managed via Excel and phone calls.

With a solid idea in place, it was time for a tech team to step in to expand, plan and execute. The full solution had to be delivered and ready for paying customers on an accelerated schedule, without compromising the quality or depth of its many features. STRV was entrusted with this bold venture, and our team got to work.

The Challenge

When it comes to a field of this complexity, one of the first challenges is fully understanding what we’re building—only then can we do the project justice. No matter the experience of a tech partner, it’s far-fetched to assume there’s a team that’s equally skilled in design and engineering as it is in something as convoluted as debt management. In such cases, it comes down to dedication. How relentless will your team be in studying, listening and completely immersing themselves in your world?

The STRV team went all-in with in-depth meetings and hours of self-education. And in order to hit deadlines at breakneck speed, this learning happened simultaneously with the actual design and multifaceted engineering work. To eliminate exhausting manual processes, the platform had to handle massive amounts of data. To help clients remain alert, it had to identify value and mitigate risk with unprecedented transparency. To provide reporting requirements, keep track of covenant triggers and much, much more, the platform had to offer a rich ecosystem of tools and options while retaining the feel of simplicity, a core aspect of Monetics’ success.

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The STRV Solution

In just nine months, we took Monetics from idea to product, building a robust solution that is scalable and reliable for years to come. Many companies in this space have a tendency to focus on the North Star, chasing fancy features without offering a foundation that addresses the core pain points. We wanted to dig deep. Our determination to understand the subject matter allowed us to grasp and react to fundamental user needs—as they are now, and what they may be in the future.

As always, STRV turned to forefront technologies across the board. We utilized the newest version of .NET Core, infrastructure that is swiftly deployable in a new environment and GraphQL to write code in layers to enable easily adapting to future needs. And on top of being delivered with unprecedented speed and quality, the product proved so valuable that the Monetics team was able to offer the product to clients and charge for its services immediately. Shortly after the release, Monetics already had six paying customers and could confidently move ahead with new clients—who can easily identify value and mitigate risk with unprecedented transparency.

“STRV was a great development partner, playing a crucial role in bringing Monetics from an idea to a fully functioning product. They delivered a product that has allowed us to launch and quickly grow our customer base within a year.”

Adam Fischer,
CEO, Monetics
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