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A basketball instructional video platform by pro athletes, renowned coaches and STRV

A number of NBA powerhouses came together to create a web platform with training videos by industry professionals. The techniques they share mirror the real deal of top players. And the driving force behind this project is to make such invaluable content available to absolutely anyone.

The Need

Through the Lens was to display an array of high-quality instructional videos that are to be periodically produced and added by athletes and coaches themselves over time. The content should include something for everyone, no matter the proficiency in the industry—from aspiring talents to sports fans young and old. To do the creators’ dedication justice, the web platform had to be as unparalleled and appealing to athletes worldwide as the content itself.

With the Through the Lens team coming from a non-technical background, STRV’s approach hit the spot. Rather than relying solely on mind-bending tech terminology, we showed them what we could do with visual examples—including a design concept used as an example of how STRV was able to interpret the client’s initial vision, and which was created by one of our avid basketball fans. Our commitment to allocating the right people to each project paid off; the concept was met with great enthusiasm and, using this concept as a jumping-off point for establishing further particulars through client feedback, STRV promptly began building the MVP.

The Challenge

Our main ambition was to create a product that would visually stand out among similar educational and streaming platforms across various fields while remaining easy to navigate for all users. Through the Lens had to deviate from similar products, delivering a completely unique experience—from typography and style to content presentation. All of this needed to be tackled while we did not yet have the very foundation of the product: the actual video content.

The STRV Solution

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the topic, willingness to tinker with unusual UX/UI elements and dedication to research and open dialogue, our design was deemed by the client as capturing the “wildest imagination” of what Through the Lens could be. The STRV design ensured that all future content would be displayed in an eye-catching style, creating a first impression clearly distinguishable from anything else users may have seen.

Moving into the next phase, our designer actively worked with our engineering team to ensure that the more advanced UX/UI features retained their complex nature and did not get lost in the image-to-code translation. Our backend’s most tasking endeavors were video uploading and processing, the payment solution and implementing a security feature that the client stressed as imperative; specifically, allowing each user account to be logged in on one device only at all times. Once this was handled, frontend’s biggest challenge was the execution of dynamic hero sections (animations played in a loop, switching to a trailer upon mouse hover), an elaborate task both from the performance and admin point of view—the client had to be able to add pictures and videos to these sections easily and at any time.

As a result of STRV’s penchant for brave designs and the openness with which our teams collaborate on projects from start to finish, we delivered the final product on time and on budget—with final polishing done once the client delivered relevant video content. The Through the Lens team and our own experts were on the same page throughout every step of the project, and we feel honored to be a part of such a meaningful undertaking that’s sure to delight basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

“We tested everything: the uploaded content, videos, thumbnails, workouts. Tried to lock and unlock episodes, watched them... and everything worked perfectly. I was not able to find any issues. The cooperation exceeded our expectations and we will surely come back down the line!”

Alex Bazzell,
CEO & Founder, Through The Lens
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