Tinder Online


Having developed Tinder's Apple TV app, our engineers were presented with a new challenge: to make online dating accessible to everyone regardless of device, connection speed and storage space.

Towards Worldwide Accessibility

When you are already the No. 1 mobile dating app on the planet, what’s your next step? If you’re Tinder, the answer is simple: become even more accessible.

To that end, Tinder, a mobile-only dating service since 2012, turned its attention towards browsers and launched Tinder Online — a Progressive Web App built in cooperation with STRV.

The Challenge

Not everyone on the planet has access to high-speed 4G connections. Downloading huge chunks of data, like iOS apps, can also be challenging. As can supporting low-end devices that simply have no more storage space to spare.

Tinder turned to STRV once again. With the goal of making Tinder Online as light as possible while preserving the functionality users love, our team of React experts got to work.

Our Solution

Using React, a cutting-edge platform mastered by our engineers, we created Tinder Online from scratch as a progressive web app. This means users enjoy the feel of a real native mobile app without the need to download it in the first place.

Power users appreciate the option to swipe and message directly on their desktop. There are a number of value-adds, including, for example, that images load quickly even on slow networks. The possibility of being able to swipe while offline is like the cherry on top of a giant cake.

With Tinder Online, users can keep their phones in their pockets. It offers full desktop support, so all they need is a computer and a browser.

Under One Roof

Having already developed Tinder's Apple TV app, Tinder Online was the second product delivery in our partnership with the dating heavyweight. This time, however, we agreed with the client to bring our teams closer together.

Our engineers spent five months working at Tinder's headquarters in Los Angeles, which sped up the development process. Having been involved not just in programing, but also in UX and product development, our team in exchange provided React presentations, code reviews or pair-programing sessions.

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