W Hotels

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STRV was asked to recreate the digital experience for the Starwood hotel brand. "W," with more than 50 locations around the world, targets a mostly younger audience looking for luxury accommodation.

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We started with music, because our research showed most of the residents use the current app for live music. "W" is well-known for its own music sets that are recorded directly in the hotels, and that’s the reason behind the hotel app's own music player.

W Hotels
W Hotels


In general, "W" has a strong brand that influences the look and feel of every hotel in the portfolio. For example, the lobbies of all "W" hotels are known as the "Living Room.” The letter "W" is incorporated into the interior design wherever possible — the swimming pool is known as "Wet;" the concierge is known as "Whatever Whenever." We believe our new app could extend this solid brand even further.

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