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Zkipster — the industry's fastest, most-reliable guest list app for non-ticketed event check-ins at premieres, parties, galas, promotional events and conferences.

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Zkipster approached STRV in 2009 to deliver its first mobile experience for guest list check-ins. The first request was to build a Blackberry app, but it didn't take long for others platforms like iOS and Windows to follow. It wasn't just a frontend solutions that Zkipster needed help with. A huge focus was also put on the whole backend side of the project.


Throughout the 5 year cooperation we delivered and maintained apps for Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and Windows. We also built major part of the backend that now handles their customer services and traffic of all the apps. Beside the core product STRV also participated on promotion of the product by designing and developing landing page that helped Zkipster to acquire more users.

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